I keep thinkin’ of stuff, and yeah, I also posted at my  Blogger blog, so I am up to four posts today.  I’m binging…bereavement…gimme a break.

1)  Since I haven’t been able to read "y’all" much if at all over the past week or so, email or comment here your favorite posts from the past week–yours or someone else’s you read.  It’ll save me lots of time rather than trying to read the gazillion posts you’ve written.   My, y’all have been prolific!  I cleared my Bloglines because unread posts were in the thousands…no wonder I have shaky blog legs!

2)  Merriam-Webster has begun sending me "Word of the Day" emails; I usually skate right past ’em, but today’s word made me SMILE with all my teeth showing!  It’s one of the titles I almost named my blog, look at the etymology of the word and you’ll understand why.  Plus, it’s just plain fun to say :).  AND, one of my favorite restaurants in the Tennessee Valley offers this and THAT’s one of the reasons it’s one of my favorite restaurants :). 

Simple things make me happy, and THAT’S a good thing!

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