My original "Blast from the Past" post didn’t exactly follow the intent of the MeMe…instead of choosing one or two posts, I went nuts.  In an effort to respect your time (ha!) I printed out all the post titles, tacked them to a dart board, and then whatever one was hit for each category, I’m posting here (two, if the razor point embedded itself equidistant between the titles….or more likely drilled a new hole in my wall).  For those of you who want to know me lots better, read my lame first attempt.  For those who have a passing mild interest, this post is for YOU :).



People using the wrong words can make me laugh til I cry.


A painful but redemptive part of my past (a must-read for any mom struggling with her children) and thoughts on the importance of forgiveness.


Trying to shop with Rachel  or explaining what I mean when I say Jesus is not my best friend.


Roller coasters and I have a hate-hate relationship, I’m an encourager, and I write poetry when I’m inspired to do so.

Well, it’s closer to what I was supposed to do :/. 

As far as who I tagged, Mark already has his post up, because Jenny is a professional journalist, she’ll get to it when she gets to it;), and Willowtree is whining about awards again   ignoring the tag on the coast with his darling wife, I think I’ll hit some others:  fabuloso-est blog designer Susie, photography student by day and shoe fiend by night, Claudia, and a mostly gigglicious blogger, ChiliheadMy coffee sister, Susan, has hers up today, too. 

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