The ever-lovable Swampwitch got to choose this week’s Marvelous Monday Meme (ok, so it’s supposed to be called "Fun Monday" but sue me, I like alliteration)(sometimes), and she’s asking participants to link to memorable archives.  Her initial instructions read:  "No Thinking. Share the post that IMMEDIATELY comes to your mind when asked, "What is the most significant, powerful post you have ever read?"  It can be funny, sad, informative, quirky, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.  It is the post that comes to your mind FIRST!" Apparently, narcissism  was in high gear, because I read that as "the most powerful post you have WRITTEN."  If you’ve been reading me for a while, you can guess which posts were the most significant for me to write because they dealt with extremely difficult circumstances (struggling with lack of affection for one of my children and my father’s losing battle with dementia).

THEN, I re-read her instructions and from the illumination of the new lightbulb in my brain, I am thrilled at her invitation to share the love with some posts we’ve enjoyed…other than our own;).  Here are the ones that came to mind FIRST, it’s interesting? funny? to me the ones that did (please be sure to read the first post I link to if nothing else).

I fell in love with James’ writing (Visible Wear) in Gooberry Jam.  This story was a beautiful telling of make-believe, I thought the characters were real people and James was talking about his own daughter.  When I read another post or two, I was crushed to learn Lily and her dad were creatures of his imagination.  His writing is diverse, but no doubt, he’s an artist…words come to life when he brushes them on the page.

Another story post that simultaneously popped into my mind is "Freckles and Blue" one of Real Life Preacher’s Foy Davis stories.  He linked to "Freckles and Blue" in an extremely moving post about the death of a close friend of his and "had me at ‘Hello’".   I thought this was beautiful:   

Precious things pass quickly. Life and living
wrap themselves around you and hold you fast to the present. Years fly by, and
you find new friends and new ways of being. But the truth is, new friends are an
infinite possibility, but old friends are fixed in stone. There are only a few
of them, and no more will be added to their ranks. Some will be taken away.

Heather is an up-and-coming novelist, one day A LOT of people will be reading her.  Because, obviously, stories were the posts popping like corn all over the caverns of my mind, her Untitled Short Story was right there with James’ and Gordon’s.  She is smart, deeply spiritual and often writes right over my head, but that just challenges me to slow down and think about what she’s saying (like here and here).  Savor Heather.

Then there’s Pamela.   The woman inspires me.  She has an eye for beauty in the simple and the extraordinary, and I guess I’ve been drawn to her in part for HER art of story.  She has allowed us a glimpse of her family’s history, and although she’s doing that for her children and grands, we receive a treat.  She’s also doggone funny and her wit and dry humor can give you just the boost you need.  These are the posts that quickly popped in my head, but while I was looking for them, I got bogged down by reading her archives again (and discovered several GREAT stories I missed the first time around).  Add her to your list of reads–you won’t be disappointed.  "What’s your name?"  and "The Runaway"Popcorn

Can you believe how many posts popped into my head AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME?  I’m a CIRCUS FREAK!  What is it if you’re more than ambidextrous?   

A fair amount of people who comment here already read Willowtree.   Several of you are newer readers of his, and if you haven’t read his Eye Doctor series, you need to.  Riveting.  The Aussie from the Bush has a thousand stories to tell and does so quite colorfully.  I’ve got inside information that the next installment of his mining series is due this week, so read this oldie until then.  It’s a non-fiction, near death account. 

One last one I wanted to add because, although it’s old for her, it was new for me to read and "right there", popping with the other posts.  Carol at She Lives wrote this a while back.  Carol is ALWAYS a great read.  She’s uber-cool (plays guitar and a member of a rock band) and she has a faith that is accessible and r e a l.  She has a self-effacing manner and communicates her points well with both humor and clarity.

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