"Fun Monday" isn’t exactly a meme or a tag, but for the past few weeks (after Vicki’s inaugural "wish" to see everyone’s view from their front door) participants have followed whoever was "tagged" and written about whatever topic they decided. Erik tagged himself (thus, making it a weekly thing) by asking everyone to post childhood photos; he tagged Swampwitch, who subsequently asked everyone to link to memorable posts of their own or others; next,  Marnie asked why everyone LOVED where they lived. 

And now, this week Karmyn has asked us "to pick an object that has special meaning to your heart
and tell us all about it.  Examples include a family heirloom or a
special gift."  If you want to be included – leave her a comment or
email her at  karhix at yahoo dot com.  If you come laA_lemonte to the party, just comment here at Pensieve, and I’ll add you, too. 

I’m excited about Karmyn’s theme and can’t wait to write it…of course, I tried to take pictures with
our lemon of a digital camera just now and the battery’s dead; so while it’s a-chargin’, I’m a-posting this announcement.

This is a pretty loose following…if this week’s topic scratches an itch, take part; if not, check back next week–it’s totally up to you.  There are quite a few international bloggers who participate, and I have thoroughly enjoyed that unexpected delight :). 

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