…I think it was payback for my never-ending series on rodents.   He didn’t care for it, I think it had something to do with his disinterest inability to hunt and kill the beasts that were CLEARLY terrorizing me. 

The last time one invaded, I had had it…HAD IT!  I tore my kitchen apart, because obviously, they had found a way in we had not yet discovered. 

While I was COMPLETELY VULNERABLE and unable to hear anything, Tad FINALLY jumped into action. 

Except it wasn’t to rescue me, his delicate damsel in distress.  Noooooo, he knows that’s not exactly an accurate description–I am not delicate, a damsel or (for the most part) distressed, his action was complete and total MOCKATURE!  (Yes, Erin, that’s an official word now…I’ve used it twice, you completely understand it, that’s good enough for me–call Websters!)   While I was twisted and contorted under my kitchen cabinet earning a legitimate visit to my local witch doctor chiropractor, he was pretending to be my personal paparazzi. 

He tried to tell me he knew I’d want this for my blog:

I might show my behind–verbally speaking–when I write, but do I really wanna show it LITERALLY??! 

Apparently, yes.  And just as apparent, I have NO pride or vanity, just in case that was ever in question. 

If he wasn’t laughing and deriding me while he took this picture, it would’ve been much more in focus.  And I can assure you, it WOULD have NEVERNEVERNEVER made it to the Pensieve (hmmm, which kinda sorta contradicts that whole "no pride or vanity" thing). 

Man, I love my husband.

** While I didn’t find an entry point UNDER the cabinets, we did discover a HUGE one behind our microwave, ABOVE our cabinets–just up and to the left of this picture.  Maybe that’s the end of the line……:/.

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