S N O W…who cares if it’s here today, gone tomorrow?


My kids were out at 7:00 a.m.  I drank coffee and watched with DELIGHT as they made the most of what we got (maybe an inch?  two?  and very wet!).  Aussie doesn’t look as happy as they do.  This is their 3rd or 4th wardrobe change…we haven’t had reason for "snow clothes" since we moved.  If you thought it snowed everywhere in Tennessee, you’d be very wrong.

I bought my kids sleds for Christmas.  VERY CHEAP ones, as you can see, but sleds none-the-less (and yes, they worked better than the "fancier" one not pictured).
  THAT, from my perspective, is the picture of ETERNAL OPTIMISM!  Thinking along the lines of "Field of Dreams"–if you buy them, s n o w will come :).  From TAD’S perspective, it was a waste of money.    It was worth every bit of ridicule and mockature I received from him when Thomas said yesterday morning, "Mom, HOW DID YOU KNOW?" to which I replied, "Know what?" to which he replied, "How did you know it was going to snow this year?".  Hehe, "Mamas just KNOW these things," I said with a completely straight and sage-riddled expression.  Fourth winter here, first meaMotley_crew_1surable snow…


Yep, Mama was V E R Y happy, indeed :).  It

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