Oh, yeah, and Fun Monday.   

Last night’s elation didn’t last long.

Yes!  We were pretty fired up Dungy, Manning and the Colts had their victory. Thomas was beside himself, to say the least.  Yes!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Superbowl commercials.  Yes, we ate junk food and had a night of family togetherness. 

But, OH!  NO!  What came minutes after the confetti blizzard and Gatorade downpour, even BEFORE the Lombardi Trophy was smothered with manly kisses………Stephen, who had gone to bed before the game was over, screamed "MOM!" in a way that unleashes my mother superpowers, and in a single, graceful gazelle’s leap I was in his room only to hear:  "I think I have to throw up."

And so my night began. 

Tad took a few turns, I guess I was so wiped out I slept through a few calls.  I had to laugh when I got up after the last time Tad had, and Stephen said, "Where’s Dad?  The throw up comes faster with him," like Daddy has some kind of magical powers that help you cough your cookies more efficiently.  Sheesh!

Anyway, when Rachel and Thomas got up for school, I was hurting.  I stumbled downstairs for some VERY NECESSARY coffee, and……….. no half and half.  You need to understand, this is not negotiable, it is a MUST!  There are NO SUBSTITUTES!  I HAVE to have my coffee the way I like it, ESPECIALLY when I’ve been up all night with a sick kid, and my day has to go on business as usual in spite of that.  Sooooo….I knew I had a carton of whipping cream, so I looked for it.  Expired January 7, so I tossed it (and panic was setting in).  I went to the pantry to get evaporated milk (what I used before becoming addicted to half & half), and NOOOOOOOOO!  Two cans of stinkin’ sweetened condensed milk, no evaporated. Rediwhip

Then I did the only thing I knew to do…I pulled out my ever-present can of Redi-Whip and iced the
top of my mug, mixed with a little 2% milk for good measure.  It’s the first time I recall thinking whipped cream was a poor substitute :/.

It’s not even 7:00 a.m., and my morning just kept getting better.  While I’m sipping sub-par coffee, Thomas calls out…"Mom, Aussie just threw up!" 


"Aussie just threw up in the hall."

I flip on the light, and sure enough…….more vomit, this time of the dog variety, but it looked pretty much the same.  CAN ANIMALS CATCH A STOMACH VIRUS FROM HUMANS???

As I sincerely praised God for our hardwood floors, I grabbed the towels that had previously lined Stephen’s carpet to begin cleaning up the newest mess.  I couldn’t hold back my gag reflex anymore.  I can take care of my kids all night and all day and not flinch, but this sent me over the edge.  Only because I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOATHE vomiting myself was I able to clinch my teeth and "hold it back."  I had little sympathy for Aussie…no sleep, marginal coffee…she’s outside now. 

Anyway, I’m regretting BIG TIME I didn’t work on my Fun Monday post last week when I thought about it.  Tad’s parents have been in for a visit since Friday, they just left a bit ago, so now…while Stephen sleeps (PLEASE???!), I’ll go looking for my links (Swampy gave us permission to link more than one…).  I hope you’ll come back, I’ll be visiting participants throughout the day.

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