Thom_peytonA larger-than-life Peyton Manning Fathead was  a surprise gift for Thomas this Christmas.  It was worth the ridiculous amount we paid for it because 1) it’s not electronic and mind-numbing, and 2) he has said on multiple occasions, "This is the BEST gift I’ve ever gotten!" 

Having lived in Georgia the first 18 years of my life, then South Carolina until the past three, we tried our best to make Thomas a Falcons’ or Panthers’ fan.  Heck, even Cowboys, Tad always followed the Cowboys until the Carolinas got a team.  But wouldn’t you know it, the kid has a mind of his own and he LOVES Tennessee (won’t have anything to do with our SC alma mater).  Because Peyton Manning is THE premier player from the state…and local urban legend tells us for a while he lived down the street from us, Thomas is Colts through and through.  Apparently, Thomas even prayed for Indy during the playoffs.  I’m not quite sure God hears those kinds of prayers, but it increased his faith…nothin’ wrong with that. 

So, tonight while our family munches on chips slathered in Mexican Dip, chicken wings and who knows what else, the boys’ll be watching football and I’ll be watching commercials and Prince’s half-time freak show.   And I’ll pull for my son’s favorite team, although I could care less. 

Oh, yeah, I like the coaches’ story.  You’ve gotta love the depth that brings to the game.  For once, it seems like much more is at stake than football…. It’s a defining moment in history, one of the great ones. 

Who are you pulling for?  And what’s your favorite Superbowl Snack?  Gimme a recipe if it’s easy :).

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