And why does he do so unashamedly (for him) but embarrassingly (for theOscar_2
rest of the watching world)…?

Because he wants to WIN! 

So, taking his lead, I’m going on a little promotional tour.  It’s not an Academy Award, it’s no SAG Actor, it’s not even a Bloggie, for heaven’s sake.  But it IS a way to show the love, and if there’s one thing I’m about, it’s showin’ the love. 

Heather at One Woman’s World knows all about the "big" bloggity awards, where the "names" get rewarded year in and year out (or so I hear)(because I don’t really know the "names"), which prompted the birth of the "Share the Love Blog Awards", a way to bling the everyday blogger.  The ones in the trenches.  The writers with a circle of tens of readers everyday 😉

Apparently I’m one of "them" and I had to smile at the category I’m nominated for.  Hugs and a venti caramel macchiato breve (sans the calories) to the ever-so-secret admirer who threw my name in the hat.

Not Humor (but I love to laugh!)
Not Happiest Blog (I ALWAYS see the half full glass)
Not Best Writing (But my mother thinks I’m the BEST writer.  Well, if she was alive, she would.)
Not Best Site Design (But Susie did such a FANTASTIC job with my Blogger template)
Not Most Inspiring (What?  My words don’t move you???)
Not Blogger You’d Most Like To Meet (But so many of you want to have coffee with me!)
Not Most Thought-Provoking (I’m not heady and ethereal and uber-intellectual?)
Not Woman Power! — Best Representative of Women (But I AM a woman…)

Not the Blog You’ll Never Stop Reading (Fine….hmph!)

Not even the blogger who most rants about rats, feet, coffee, snow-envy and fashion for teens.

So what could possibly be left? 

Best commenter.  Yep, that’s what I’m nominated for.  And while any of the above nominations would tingle my toes, this made me grin.  I have no idea who nominated me for it, but I really appreciate it. 
Sooooo, 1)  Thanks to Pamela for letting me know I was nominated in the first place; 2) Please visit Heather’s blog and vote your little fingers off for your favorites in the categories above.  You’ll know someone in every category, and frustratingly, in some, you’ll have a VERY hard time deciding.  While I think all the friends I know deserved to be nominated for something, had I been the one nominating them, I might’ve placed them in a few different categories, but whatever.  They’re there :).  3) If I’ve made a comment to your blog that encouraged you or made you smile, or heck, even ticked you off (have I ever done that???), I’d really, really appreciate your vote.  I need some sidebar bling….this template is really sad. 

And 4), if you’re feeling particularly generous, would you tell others about my nomination and ask them to vote?  Your readers?  Your spouse… children… friends…. neighbors… co-workers… enemies… local PTA president.  Because I’m needy. 

And if I don’t win this backhanded compliment of an award, I will shrivel like a salt-covered slug, never to write again. 

Now that’s downright funny.

p.s.  I just read Heather’s fine print.  This first round of voting is to select the finalists; it runs through February 6th.  Chop-chop!  Stop reading and go vote! 

p.p.s.  Ooooo, congratulations to Heather, Pamela, Karmyn, Susan, Kelly, Iris, Carol, Mert, Vicki, Laurelwreath, Julie, Janice, Ree, Kathy, Susie……and, crud, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now (I can’t go back and look at the nominees, once you vote, you’re locked out :/).

p.p.p.s.  (For Peter) Heather’s awards are for women’s blogs ONLY

p.p.p.p.s.  Oooooo, for the record, Stephanie shoulda been nominated for "best commenter", too :/. 

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