My daughter is a freak, and I mean that in the BEST sense of the word (definition #3, m-w.com, but no, no matter what she looks like in this-worst-possible-shot-of-her-EVAH, she’s not performing in a circus sideshow).  At 14, she knows what she likes, but somehow she’s living apart from the teen culture that I so often read about.  I’ve often said "she’s my hero" because she couldn’t give a rip what others think, she’s secure in "who" she is, something I didn’t achieve until adulthood.

That being said, she’s not perfect.  She’s a slave to her comforts. 

Let’s take the other day, it was time to change her sheets.  Usually, I just wash the one that are on our beds and when they’re fresh and hot out of the dryer, instead of going through a senseless exercise in folding them, back onto the beds they go.

But this time, she informed me she didn’t like the flannel ones she’s been using for months…they’re beginning to pill and "they don’t feel good anymore" :/.  Also, she has a down feather bed; it’s not 100% down, there are feather’s in the mix.  She told me we needed to do something because it felt like "little needles" were poking her all night.

** B I G s i g h **  All I could think was my daughter is the ever-lovin’ title character from the "Princess and the Pea" fame:/.

Taking her suggestion to "do something", I sent her to the linen closet to hunt for what she wanted.  We don’t have an abundance of extra sheets but she DID find a wonderfully soft top sheet; I had thrown out the bottom one months ago because it had become threadbear and ripped.  Soooo, we made do with what we had.  Her bed now reminds me of a seven-layer Mexican dip….

I walked out of the room to get the camera (keenly sensing a post in the making), and returned to discover that apparently Callie is Rachel’s long-lost sister–a Princess in her own right.  She was certain we did all of this for HER.  OF COURSE she thinks that–she’s a CAT! 


And here’s the "recipe" for Rachel’s personal Seven Layer "Dip":

Layer 1 (sits directly on top of the mattress):  The featherbed

Layer 2:  mattress pad (to "cover" the needly feathers)

Layer 3:  the pilling flannel sheet that no longer feels good (to further insulate against the "needles" that poke her)

Layer 4:  The wonderfully soft top sheet that we used for a bottom sheet to mask the pilling flannel sheets that were masking the needly problem feathers

Layer 5:  The top sheet

Layer 6:  Thomas old down comforter, little-boy worn and a dark red/green masculine plaid, that is stained and old and looks like the dickens, but it’s down and fluffy and great for winter; covered by

Layer 7: her lime green, periwinkle and lavender cheerfully floral print quilt, the one thing she doesn’t have a problem with…which is a doggone good thing!

And because she is going to KILL me if she sees the picture I posted of her above I love her, I cannot leave you with that image of her.  Here’s one of my favorites.

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