It’s always a rush picking up my kids from school…literally, figuratively, a r u s h.

They bound into the car with enough pent-up energy to illuminate New York, and it would be enormously helpful if I could sprout an additional pair (or two) of ears to listen to each of their respective days.   Some people multi-task…moms learn to multi-hear. 

Today, Thomas had a gem.  This is what I’m greeted with:

Thomas, very excitedly (he’s prone to that):  "Mom, we saw an angel today!!!!"

Me (sure there’s a story behind this):  "You did???"

T:  "Yeah, you know we went to the mall to eat lunch, right?"

I never had that kind of perk when I was in school……

Me:  "Um, hummm, continue…".

T:  "Well, Michael forgot money because his dad usually chaperones.  None of us had extra [read between the lines that I KNOW if I give ’em more, he’ll just go to the candy store and blow it all on Sour Punch Straws and Rock Candy, because for some reason, he didn’t inherit my chocolate gene], so we felt really bad for him when we realized he didn’t have any."

Me:  "Okaaaaaaay…."  I’m thinking everyone should give him some of whatever they got, right?

T, by this point hyper-animated and I’m sure if the eyes in the back of my head were working, I would’ve seen wide-eyed-incredulosity:  "Well, this lady walked over to him, dropped $5 on the table and told him to get some lunch!  SHE WAS AN ANGEL OR SOMETHING!!!"

Me, smiling, "Cool."

T, still excited, continues:  "We followed her when she got up.  She had red hair and freckles.  But when we went around the corner…………SHE WAS GONE!"

His entire little sixth-grade band of brothers agreed.  They had witnessed a modern-day miracle at the mall. 

Sweet, how something like that builds a child’s faith.   Hmmm, reminds me of something I’ve heard before ;).

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