Stephen was havin’ fun a little while back, trying on all the costumes he, Thomas and their friends USED to don before fighting crime and chaos in the not-so-big city.  Or at least what they wore when wrecking their rooms…the playroom…MY HOUSE!

Look at Batman–those ears!  It reminds me of an angel with a slightly tarnished and off-center halo.


OOooo, and the shudders you must have looking at Spidey in position to web you right to the ceiling!


Here, he’d give ANY pirate a run for his money.  Look at the face.  He’s means BUSINESS when he tells you to walk that plank, matey!


Here’s a slight departure…with that oh-so-smug-expression you’d just like to smack off his face, he looks like a real NASCAR driver…I’m thinkin’ Jeff Gordon for some reason.Dscn1202

I might come back and add a few thoughts…right now I’m headed out for most of the day.

Hope y’all have a good one!

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