Cleaning my house has its advantages.  Among other benefits, I find things I wasn’t even looking for, and in the process, take many a delightful stroll down memory lane.  Because I can’t remember the simplest of things, like what I wore yesterday, I’m appreciative for ANYTHING saved from my childhood (or five minutes ago).  These tangible mementos bridge me to my past and do the remembering for me. 

I think I may have been a tween drama queen.  I KNOW this comes as a surprise, but upon finding these little pieces of nostalgia, the evidence is building.  Take this for instance. 


My childhood BFF, Kimberly, and I were certain we were destined for "bright lights, big city".  Our portal to celebrity was via "The New Mickey Mouse Club", the precursor to the even newer version that became a performer’s petri dish for names like Christina and Justin and, yes, Britney. 

This was written to me personally with a REAL inked signature, no stamp.  I love how ol’ Ed told me YOU STINK–"Since SHOWTIME will feature youngsters who have exceptional singing, dancing or musical ability [and misguided little girl who hand-wrote a letter to describe your many talents, thank you for the laugh; had this been the kids’ comic hour, you might have garnered a second look], with a marked degree of performance experience, we regret that you do no qualify [we can tell you neither sing, dance or musify exceptionally, we can JUST TELL]."

He sent me his PERSONAL best wishes!  He encouraged me to develop my performing abilities!  He reminded me to ENJOY THE FUN that comes from sharing my talents with others. 

Did he crush my spirit?  Are you kidding???  HE ACTUALLY WROTE BACK–to both of us!  We were totally validated.  Kimberly and I continued our pursuits for a while, we even performed publically, but when all was said and done, that letter saved me from a life of fame and fortune.  Who needs that kinda hassle?  I might’ve ended up writing this bald right now… ;).


Ha!  TIMING IS EVERYTHING!!  Look what slipped into my inbox this morning.  Too dang funny :)!


Revised:  BUT WHERE IS BLOGGING?  I guess it’s under the "w o r k i n g" category, she says very loosely ;).

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