This is how my kids "use" my cell phone (waaaaaayyyyyy more than calling their peeps).  They do this when I don’t know it, and then, when I open it to use it, there’s always a reason to laugh…or cry…or simply recoil.


The caption?  "I See You"

Yep, they’re always watching ;).


Thought I’d come back and add some more.  You know the cherished blogger’s motto:  "anything you say (or do) can and will be blogged against you."  Okay, so maybe it’s not an official blogger’s motto, but I’ve read enough blogs to know we ALL live by this simple tenet. 

They seem to like taking pics in negative best–

This is my kitchen chef.


Thomas captioned this one "Ghost Child".


Stephen is stinkin’ cute…even when he looks like a "Go-ril-la" (his caption, not mine).


Clear evidence we’ll spend a fortune in orthodontia :/.


And last, the kind of surprise that


ALL of these have been set at sometime as my cell wallpaper, ALWAYS a surprise to me :).

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