My apologies in advance, but this is the kind of thing Mindy asked for for this week’s Fun_monday_logoFun Monday.
Check out the challenge and then have some fun with it yourself.  "To compose an exceptionally bad opening sentence for any piece of
writing (not limited to novels…but not including blog posts) and to
include a photograph or brief description of some aspect of that

I’m posting mine on Sunday for overseas readers who are enjoying Monday a day early (talk about poor sentence structure!); it really does help to get a head start with so many people playing along.  Between blog-partying and Fun Mondaying, this is gonna be some kind of week …. :/.

Here goes nothing…….:

RedUnable to stop the blood-red tributaries of…well…blood, as with every beat of her heart it waterfalled down her knee then shin then streamed down either side of her ankle, she became lost in the scarlet realization that a single miscue would set into motion an ocean of results and consequences that would carve out their mark, scarring her forever, leaving a crimson path in their wake, and as her eyes pooled over with a salty sea of tears, her cheeks heated and blushed, she couldn’t believe the irony that her choice of a five-bladed razor instead of a double would become a metaphor for her life.

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