, tagged by last week’s Fun Monday emcee, enidd, to host this week’s edition has offered this challenge: 

"…tell the world how you would like to wake up in the morning. What
is present in the planet you would wake up to? What are the people in
it like, Does Marmite and butter come pre-mixed, or are you an
astronaut on a mission to launch Tony Blair into low earth orbit. Show
the difference between current reality, and reality 2.0."

I like his last sentence.  It’s so in keeping with our day, isn’t it? 

Know what immediately came to mind when I read Tristan’s Fun Monday edict?  "Miss Congeniality".    Yep, the 2000 Sandra Bullock flick that was light on substance but heavy on cute.  When character Stan Fields asked Miss Rhode Island to  "please describe your idea of a perfect date",  her response was "That’s a tough one. I would have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."  THE perfect idiot-savant answer (imho). 

How would I like to wake up to a Reality 2.0 perfect morning?

In a house…on the beach…windows open…before the sun breaks the horizon…walking outside digging my feet in the sand…worshipping the Creator by enjoying His creation…steaming cup of coffee in a perfectly sized mug to fit my hand…after a night of sipping martinis from beautiful glasses followed by a Habañero-hot passion-fest with the love of my life that would incinerate the celluloid if it was being filmed………! 

And world peace…and an end to disease and poverty and fractured families and hunger…..

Wouldn’t that be GREAT to wake up to?!

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