No Fun Monday post from me today, which gives you three more minutes to read all the others.  Visit third person singular, herself, the fabulous Enidd to get the inside scoop on how other bloggers spin their wheels spend their waking hours.  You’ll get quite an international sampling :). 

Oh, yeah, and then there’s this. 

After Kelly read my "tinklin’ post" from yesterday, she was "inspired" to create an "alter ego" blog.  Among other things, its r’aison d’etre will be to air publicly how she screws up each day….she’ll even "host a weekly meme to share the ways our alter-egos would like to wring the necks of our alter-ego rugrats".  And, most important for any worthwhile blog, it comes complete with its own award. 

I am ever-so-proud to be its first recipient, I can see you turning green with envy.

Someone remind me to thank Thomas. 

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