Then, by all means, WELCOME!  I’m so glad you accepted the invitation, but your arrival leaves me pensive (not to be confused with "pensieve")–just what can I prepare to make your visit more enjoyable?  How about some eats that are both delicious AND healthy?  I think chocolate-dipped strawberries fits that bill :).Chocolate_dipped

Before we go any further, I suppose, I should introduce myself.  My name is Robin, and one of the few things I WON’T give up is my last name and specific location.

Because I know you have a lot of friends to visit, let’s do this as a simple list.

1)  Although I am in total denial I don’t exactly have a foot etish-fa, I seem to find reason to blog about feet occasionally.  This one is my favorite, but I also wrote about ’em here and here, oops! and I almost forgot, a painful post here.  Apparently I’m also bi-lingual; I speak pig-latin when I don’t wanna be googled for "stuff".  They wouldn’t find what they were lookin’ for, anyway…:/.

2)  I’d rather read your blog and write for mine then master the technical side of blogging.  But if someone could wave a magic wand so I could do things more quickly, I’d be much obliged.   Thanks to Chilihead, Mike, Michele and Peter, who have helped me (or at least offered to do so) over my bloggity life.   

3)  Sometimes you learn more about me than you’d care to when I get tagged.  I’m weirdI like to read, 10 Things Tell a Lot 

4)  I’ve been a poet for a LONG time! Sometimes SILLY, sometimes SERIOUS.

5)  If you’re a mom who’s ever struggled with your kids, you really should read THIS if you don’t read anything else of mine.

6)  I have a positive attitude about life.


OKAY, I’m a blogger, I could link a thousand more, but this is enough, it gives you a glimpse. 
This party thing is out of control…I can’t imagine ANYONE hitting EVERYBODY!  I just checked and there are 672 names on the list!!!  Know what that does to someone like me?  :/

Here’s my initial PARTY POST to explain stuff if your blogging head has been in the sand.  I think that’s where I’m going to stick mine now…!

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