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Sounds like a Blogthigs quiz, doesn’t it?  In this case, it’s not.  The question is prompted by a conversation we had over dinner last night.  I have no idea how this train of thought evolved, I just remember where it ended. 

Stephen:  "I’d want ice power."

Me:  "Ice is a power???  Why ice?"

SpidermanStephen:  "Yeah, it’s a good one.  Like, if you’re playing football, you’re the wide receiver, you can shoot out the ice and bring the ball to you.  Or if you freeze the yard, you can cut the grass just by breaking it off.  And if a bee’s coming at you, you can just ice it and it can’t sting you."

There were some more, I can’t remember them now.  He did tell me ice shoots out kind of like the webs on Spiderman; this is what he looked like–sans the costume–as he was describing his powers.

Thomas:  "I’d want super speed.  Then, if you’re running REALLY fast, then jump, you can fly, too." 

Ah, ha!  Two super powers for the price of one.  He continues….

"But super speed is really an ‘ability’.  Fire would be good.  You can burn stuff."

Note to self:  Hide the matches and the lighters….:/.

Rachel:  "I’d wanna be able to fly.  Then you can go to the top of the trees and play with squirrels."

If I’m not mistaken, she was mocking her brothers….surely, even if flight was her super power of choice, it would NOT be to play with squirrels.  Note to self:  probe further.

I think I’d like invisibility….

What about you?  What would you choose?

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