So, what do you do after your company has left for the weekend and you've shared very personal, life-altering news

Why, to lighten the mood, you play dress up and have your daughter act as your personal paparazzi!  Of course the ONLY reason I did this was to take part in this week's Fun Monday, hosted by Chris B at Ms Cellania.

(revised after initial posting) Oops, I just re-read what she asked us to do: 

'I would like to see a photo
(if possible) of a vintage item of clothes- it might be something that
has been in your wardrobe for ever, that you can't bear to part with
and the story behind it (funny, sad, sentimental I know how creative
you all are). If you are someone who regularly de-clutters your
wardrobe every season don't worry you can tell us about any current
favourite item of clothes'

Great…I didn't do what she asked, exactly.  Guess I was so trigger-happy with wanting an excuse to do this post, I read the FM challenge the way I wanted to…too dang late to change it up now!  Hmmm, maybe I just pulled a Swampwitch and re-wrote the "rules" to suit me…let's just go with that, k? 😉

Truth be told, this is a post I've been wanting to photo-document since January.  Following my father's funeral, my siblings, Daddy's sister and I went to my grandmother's house and broke into a cedar closet that has been locked for years.  Entombed for DECADES was a TREASURE TROVE of vintage clothing!!  For two hours, we visited the past and imagined all the possible reasons my maternal relatives would've had reason to wear these.  As I shivered in the damp, cold, wall-deteriorated basement, I tried on dress after dress; I had the amazing good fortune of being the only one small enough to fit into the clothes. 

OOooooooooo, friends……this.was………impossible to describe!  None of us can remember who these outfits belonged to; they're probably from the 50s, maybe some from the 60s.  My mom was smaller than me, Dambarr, my grandmother, bigger.  The thing is, we think they were my grandmother's, but have NO idea how she could've fit into them.  Aunt P said she ALWAYS wore a girdle, but good gracious, it would've rendered breathing impossible for her to fit into these dresses.  I can't imagine them belonging to my mom, though…if they were hers, she would have worn them before my earliest memories. 

Anyway, here are a few of them.  Rachel got bored taking pictures (I interrupted her viewing of "Miss Congeniality" every time I had a wardrobe change 🙂 ), and I got tired of changing clothes…not to mention, feelin' pretty silly/cheesy plastering on the same smile and p.o.s.i.n.g. shot after shot. 

I wish you could feel the fabric of this one.  It's a thick satin and the texture is luxurious!  This dress is the most damaged, it's so heavily spotted, dry cleaning wouldFloraln't help.  I wish the lines could've shown up better (intentional lines, lol, not the wrinkles!).  The pearls were my mom's (they're real); so was the diamond bracelet (NOT real).  Mama was a costume jewelry buyer for a department store before we were born….  She had tons of trinkets. 

There were no "good" shots of this one; look at the  mink in my right hand.  Even playing dress-up, I can't pull off wearing a dead animal without looking RIDICULOUS (Rachel just LAUGHED…AT me, not with me, lol). 


The neat thing about this dress is its secret compartments– Dscn0373

…and absolutely BEAUTIFUL lines!  They just don't make dresses like this today, do they?

Here's a close up of the jewelry…it looks better on the fur than the fur looked on me (huh?)Diamonds_pearls

What's a photoshoot without a hot, skanky sexy-but-tasteful lingerie shot?  This, I'm certain, was my mom's.  I've actually had it for years.  The quality is remarkable and it makes me feel so feminine to wear it :).  Blurry_2
The top is lined, the bottom is more sheer, but either way, I thought it best to upload the blurriest shot Rachel took.  She thought it was a dress (lol) and said, "Mom, you could WEAR that!"  Out of the mouth of babes, she's such an innocent (even at 14).  That makes me smile.

We're getting close to the end.  Here's my favorite, "funnest" dress–it makes me smile, too :). Funnest

I love the layers of ruffles. Ruffles

Here's a closer look…this dress REALLY needs to be laundered and pressed, and it'd be good to go!


How can you tell I'm getting a little twitchy from all this model-y activity?

I think it's kind of obvious…!Dscn0330

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