It is my utmost pleasure to host this week’s edition of fun Monday; I can’t remember now exactly how the idea occurred to me, but I DO know it was as a result of blopping (blog hopping**) last week when Bethany, aka Ice Cream Mama hosted.  She asked for volunteers and I jumped at the opportunity. 

Here’s the challenge as lifted from an earlier post from last week (check out the link for some lovely photographic examples):

"Bloggers are notorious exhibitionists…we bare our hearts…we bare
our souls…and sometimes…SOMETIMES…we bare our faces.  It’s not
your face I’m interested in, though…it’s YOUR HAIR!  Pull out your
old photo albums (in this digital age, that’s like asking you to pull
out your vinyl records, or, egads! your cassette tapes, lol.  There’s
something wonderfully nostalgic about vinyl; there is NOTHING romantic
about cassettes!) and find your WORST "BAD HAIR DAY" EVAH!  If you’re
the unfortunate soul who has more than one, well then, post as many as
you’re willing."

My Fun Monday post (alas) will be posted tomorrow.  I’ve found it’s IMPOSSIBLE to blog when you’re not home to do so, and when you FINALLY get home after being gone for a thousand hours, you just don’t have the inclination :/.  Although I had NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of my "I never was a hooker, no matter what it looks like" (Part One here, Part Two here) posts BEING my Fun Monday submission, since I haven’t been home to blog, I also haven’t been home to LOOK for pics.   Part Three it will have to be (she says with tail between her legs…:/).

Oh, and another secret I’ll letcha in on now…my husband has been out of town since Thursday…all this soccer-tourney-hoppin’ I’ve been doing has been without him around, something I wasn’t about to share in case there are any would-be scary soccer-mom-stalkers out there.  He’s an hour from home as I type and the LAST thing I’ll be doing is LOOKING FOR PICTURES OR WRITING FOR MY BLOG when he walks in the door. 

Here’s the list of fun Fun Monday bloggers, please be sure to visit each and every one for a laugh WITH them, not AT them (who are we kidding, we’ll be snorting coffee all over our screens all day as we laugh AT them).  PLEASE let me know if the links are broken or if I’ve inadvertently left you off the list.  If you haven’t let me know to add you, it’s NEVER too late :), I’ll update several times tomorrow and we’d love to see some new faces.

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Carol – posted
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Chris B – posted
Karmyn – posted
Amy W. – posted
Tiggerlane – posted
Beccy – posted
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Pamela – posted
The Pear Lady – posted
Terri – posted
Wendy – posted
Nikki – posted
MJD – posted
Nancypants – posted
Frannie – posted
Kila – posted
Willowtree – posted
Tiger Lamb Girl – posted
– posted
Sarah Emily – posted


Come on GUYS!  We need some testosterone on the list…bad hair can mean everything from a mullet to ridiculous sideburns to a sad little attempt of a mustache when you were 17.  That was for the men, ladies, not any teen girls or menopausal women who give thanks for the miracle of waxing or bleaching "problem areas".

UPDATE:   Carol aka She Lives just took me by the hand and led me through the instructions to add a "Mr. Linky" to this post.  If you’d like to be added to Fun Monday–AND IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE ADDED, even on Tuesday, just enter your name and blog URL below.  It’s as simple as that :).  THANKS TO CAROL who was so clear I was able to do this the first time I tried!  Wahhooo!  It’s never that easy :).

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