Looking for my Fun Monday post for today?  It’s HERE :).

As for next week, I CANNOT remember who I was reading last week, I
can’t even remember WHAT it was, but it inspired me to ask Bethany if I
could host Fun Monday after her. 

What’s the challenge?  Why I’m putting the FUN(NY) in Fun Monday!
Bloggers are notorious exhibitionists…we bare our hearts…we bare
our souls…and sometimes…SOMETIMES…we bare our faces.  It’s not
your face I’m Dillerface
interested in, though…it’s YOUR HAIR!  Pull out your
old photo albums (in this digital age, that’s like asking you to pull
out your vinyl records, or, egads! your cassette tapes, lol.  There’s
something wonderfully nostalgic about vinyl; there is NOTHING romantic
about cassettes!) and find your WORST "BAD HAIR DAY" EVAH!  If you’re
the unfortunate soul who has more than one, well then, post as many as
you’re willing.

This is one thing I l i k e about blogging.  We keep it REAL, huh?
Share the good AND the bad.  The "good" is nice, but the "bad"?  Well,
that’s just delicious!  For your collective sakes, I sure hope these
pictures aren’t current (if that’s the case, maybe we’ll have an
informal blogging "Extreme Makeover" intervention or something). 

Ok…chop-chop, what are you waiting for?  InviteReally_bad_hair
your friends…your
relatives…your lurking readers to take part next week (and let me know so I can link ya).  Can’t wait to see your hair disasters :)!   

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