Fun_monday_logoI’m a bit late posting today’s Fun Monday post for two reasons:  1)  I’m sore from my CRAZY and competitive antics I posted about last night (I hope you’ll go back and read this one…if for no other reason because I’M SORE!); and 2) I forgot and left the camera on and the battery was exhausted this morning…kind of like me on most of my sleep deprived nights :/. 

Amy at
A Family Story graciously hosted this week’s Fun Monday, and this was her charge to participants: 

"…find something in your closet you are
keeping for some ungodly reason (the sweatshirt with all the holes, the
jeans your kids used as a drawing table with markers, the shirt with
the stain you only hope no one notices) take a picture of it and tell
us why you are keeping it and how it got that way."

I knew there was a reason I was keeping this:


I bought this outfit the year before Tad and I got engaged.  I thought it was BEAUTIFUL–sapphire blue and blood red are two of my favorite colors to wear.  But LOOK at this top!  I weighed about 110 (I’m 5′ 5") and wore a size 2!  This thing could fit a LINEBACKER!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I have no idea why I wore such baggy clothing, I guess it was the 80s.  THIS is when, if ever, I should’ve been wearing spandex.

Look at the size of the shoulder pads…and the thing is, I have bDscn0581road shoulders, I never needed shoulder pads (just like I have naturally wavy hair, but that never stopped me from getting perms…:/).

I no longer have the red belt I wore to "complete" this outfit, but who needs a belt when you have a freakin’ ELASTIC WAISTBAND???


Here’s proof I really wore it…a night out with the girls.  Our version of "girls gone wild" would HARDLY compete with today’s….I’m pretty thankful for that!



Oh, yeah, the tan was anything but natural…this was LATE October (we got married in November).  I wanted to be tan on our honeymoon even though we were headed for the mountains…  In our wedding pictures I looked RIDICULOUS because I’m the only one who looked native.  Go figure…I was young and dumb, although I might say, "tan" is slimming ;).

Be sure to visit Amy W. for the rest of the Fun Monday players and see THEIR fashion faux pas!

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