Julie at Another Chance Ranch is hosting this week’s Fun Monday, and she has asked readers to post "Your best spy camera photo and story about the photo."

Well, dang it, I had a picture or two in mind, but I cannot find ’em.  In their stead, I’m uploading a bunch of photos I DID find that are kinda sorta "spyish" shots. 

Remember Thomas and his propensity to "go" anywhere?  During weekend before last’s soccer tourney, we were far away from the bathrooms.  He saw woods–trees–threw his soccer ball as far as he could, then went in to "find" it.  This is him after he "found" said ball.  He looks very relieved….


Here’s the only shot you’ll ever see of me in a bikini on this blog.  My husband was wise enough to take it a thousand yards away.


Here’s a cute kitty pic I thought I’d throw in :).  This is Calvin when he was a kitten; I couldn’t find him anywhere, and when I did, I learned a lesson in the importance of keeping the dryer door closed!  He grew to over 10 pounds before … finding a new neighbor to live with (that’s what we chose to believe).


Potty training is ALWAYS more fun with a friend.  Here’s Rachel with her BFF (well, at the time, her BFF) Jaq.  They were born a week apart and did lots of things together.  They learned early excusing yourself to the ladies room requires a partner in crime.


Doesn’t sucking lemons cause YOU to pick your nose?  If I sucked lemons, I’m sure that would be MY response.


This is one of my favorite shots of Tad and Rachel.  I doubt he knew I was taking the picture…she was just days old and I thought it was the sweetest Daddy/daughter shot EVAH!


Here’s my favorite spy picture (of the ones I could find, anyway).  It’s me and Tad a thousand years ago…and I think, his younger brother was spying on us.  Or were we just freaks, and we POSED for the shot?  I have no idea…I can’t remember.  Let’s go with annoying younger brother; that would make it a REAL spy shot!


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