CLICK HERE for my original Fun Monday "spy" post; it has some stinkin’ ADORABLE spylicious photos, they’re all I had this morning.

But…BUT (and might I say that the operative word here is "but(t)"), today on a whim, I took the kids to ride a train on "America’s Most Amazing Mile", Lookout Mountain’s Incline Railway.  More soon on our visit to this kitschy blast from the past, but for now, I had to share this with you:


I INSTANTLY thought of today’s Fun Monday "assignment":  post "Your best spy camera photo and story about the photo."  THIS is DEFINITELY IT!!  It was obscene… please, PLEASE forgive me for what I’m about to show you.  The thing is, EVERYONE on the train could see this…"it" was just "out there".  I was mortified that my boys, sitting directly across from this couple, were treated to this.  They couldn’t help but notice, and because I was sitting directly behind them, I watched their expressions…one part horror, another part "does she know that’s showing?", and another part of suppressed little boy giggles. 

And me…you should’ve seen me trying to subtly snap this shot.  I was looking out the window to my right, talking to Rachel, but the camera was trained on the "action".

In the above photo, the man’s hand was in the way.  Me, in total spy mode, kept snapping.  My effort was rewarded.  The result rivals anything a squatting plumber could dish up…and it leaves me begging the question, "Just WHEN did it become socially acceptable for "cracks" to be openly displayed?"

I’m loading the picture small…if you choose to super-size it, do so at your own risk!


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