Everyone should check their stats now and then…it’s ALWAYS good for a laugh to know how freaks scary curious people on a mission find your blog.  For instance, I just learned I’ve provided a public service to googlers.  Someone searched "embarrassing cheerleader leg kick picture" and the FIRST link that pops up on page one is THIS.

I’m sure they were disappointed they didn’t find girls in short skirts, but they were treated to some embarrassing pictures, and I sincerely hope the "flyin’ monkey hair do" gave them a smile.

Other than that, searches weren’t that over the top on this recent check–"heroin Mary Englebreit" (I will NEVER believe that’s where she gets her inspiration!),  "why drink coffee with dessert" (I couldn’t agree more), "will ferrell living the dream clip" (which dream is that?), "kotex maxi pad blog" (I beg your pardon…!), "embarrassing clothing" (did I have to show up on the first few posts for this, too?), "cannot make a decision" (and you’ve come to ME for advice?  and THIS is what you find instead???), "uvula stuck to tonsil" (that’s totally thanks to Susan, I have NEVER actually written about uvulas stuck to tonsils), "perm stylist story parked hair salon rods" (that makes NO sense to me, but IMHO I bet MY story is the best one they found!).

Why is it the only common word I’m seeing in this batch is "embarrassing"?   

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