If you’ve read me for say……five minutes…….you might’ve noticed I like to create words.  Really, it’s not that uncommon a practice in the blogosphere.  It’s part of the fun, lol, we have our own language–kind of like Elvish (as if most bloggers are on the same planet as Tolkien…;) ).

Yesterday I coined a fabulous word, and yes, it’s mine but you may use it when appropriate.  Little Miss Moi is quite a blogsmith on her own, two of my favorites of hers are "blisters" (blog sisters) and "bliends" or "blends" (blog friends).  You might say she spurred me along in my own word-crafting.

All that is simply to explain the title…"…bluddy".  Blog + buddy, and there you have it.  A FUN and perfect word to describe your blates (blog mates).  Perhaps more importantly, it’s less key strokes which will add years to your blogging life and reduce the risk of carpel tunnel in the process (you’re welcome).

Heck, this post wasn’t even about that!!! LOL  It’s about THIS!  Look what I got in the mail this week!!  Yum-a-licious!  I’ve never tried Philosophy products before, but how can you not luxuriate in the aroma of chocolate-dipped strawberries, made by a company whose philsophy is "the best cosmetic is great-looking skin".   

YOU ARE THE COOLEST BLUDDY EVAH!  (Especially since you sent me my prize immediately….unlike some contests I’ve won before…or like my track record for sending stuff out :/).



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