Okay guys, quick revision of my post from earlier today.  Obviously, I threw it up here right after giggling while reading email.  I had forgotten history, and some of it, I don’t think I even knew.  I’ll get back with ya about it (I’m about to cook dinner, so no time to give this real thought or research, but, if you’re interested, I’ll share some of what I’ve remembered and discovered later).

The original title was "This has nothing to do with Easter…"

…but it was it was in my Inbox this morning and it made me grin.




Easter is such a beautiful season in the Christian faith.  Especially when my children were younger, I loved the whole basket and bunnies tradition, but I’ve never liked that being what Easter is "about"…it robs…minimizes…demeans the beautiful hope we have in the story of the cross…of Jesus’ willingness to give His life for mine…for yours.  To suffer the indignities of a brutal death on the cross and all its wicked pageantry, only to meet and conquer death, and then offer a gift of kingdom-life that begins here and now…not just "later"….  There is no more amazing, inspiring, hope-filled faith, than this one that offers forgiveness and redemption and grace and mercy and peace and freedom and radical unconvention (is that a word?) and unconditional love.

Opps, this DID end up being about Easter.  Interesting, even I didn’t plan on goin’ this direction when I uploaded the chocolate bunnies, lol.  Go figure…I’m complicated…bite the bunnies if you don’t like it ;).

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