Somehow, writing yesterday’s post was cathartic.  Am I the only one, or does seeing your thoughts "in blint" (blog print) help you sort through them?  I guess the same result could be achieved in a simple journal, but I don’t write by hand nearly as fast as I type, so this is an easier venue for me.  For those of you who commented, thank you.  Your words were an encouragement to me personally, and your prayers–although on behalf of this hurting family–bless me as well. 

The older children were at school today, somewhat of a surprise, but I think being with their friends, being encouraged and affirmed by their classmates and teachers, will help them find a new normal.  At home, nothing is normal, and I’m sure sinisterly lurking around every corner are painful, lingering reminders that Timothy is gone :(.

Their dad’s hearing is in a few weeks…I’ll keep you posted.  For now, he’s home with his family.

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