Years ago, we received some oh-my-word-were-they-delicious Omaha Steaks as a "thank you" from a friend with whom we also had a business relationship.  They were worth every dollar he spent on them, and although we didn’t know it at the time, this gift would last a lot longer than dinner that night. 

Accompanied with our filets was a cooking guide for grilling or broiling steaks; cooking times were determined based on thickness and desired doneness.  We used it when we grilled the Omaha steaks and they were perfect–seared and sizzlin’ with a hot pink center that makes my mouth water just thinking about it! 

Nearly seven years later, we still have that little 4"x6" card, and although time-tattered and steak-seasoning stained, it continues to serve us well.  I couldn’t begin to estimate the number of rib eyes and filets and strips it has helped navigate us to culinary quintessence. 


Chas and Steph called tonight to find out how long to grill their steaks; we’ve had the pleasure of cooking out with their family, so they’re well acquainted with our foolproof cooking chart.  Wouldn’t you know it though?  We weren’t home to return Chas’ call, he had to fend for himself, and I have no idea how they turned out….

I’d bet they were good…but there’s a whale of difference between "good" and per-fect-shee-own;).

Anyway, I’m posting this for him because it’s the easiest way for him to always have a copy nearby…and I thought since some of you may be grilling out with family or friends over the long weekend, I’d offer a simple cheat sheet that might make you (in)famous in your own right.

Lemme know if you try it…I’ll be eager to hear your tales of carnivore-ravaging success. There should definitely be no soul-crushing, tear-gushing Hell’s Kitchen nightmares in your future!

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