Nikki, "…Tales of a First Time Mom is hosting this week’s Fun Monday.  It’s not too late for YOU to join in the fun, and here’s her challenge for us today:

1. Write a short poem. It can be about anything and it doesn’t even have to be good.

2. Whip out your crayons, markers, paint, etc. and illustrate your poem (or have your kid, dog or cat do it).

3. Post your poem and illustration on your blog next Monday TODAY.

Here’s my poem….since I’m writing it at 6:30 in the morning, I’ve yet to whip out anything in the way of illustrating utensil.  Hopefully, I’ll get to that a bit later, and in the meantime, I’ve snagged a picture to make the point….

Ominously looming.
Relentless in pursuit.
Exponential growing
Like chaos in Beirut.

I hear its mocking laughter
As I swim among the tears
Multiplying rabbits
Always in arrears.

Two steps forward, one step back
The story of this chase
Close to rounding home,
Now sent back to second base.

Have I emptied pockets?Dirtylaundry
Segregated type?
Dare if I forget to–
Whites now a hot pink stripe.

Decisions hot or cold
and sometimes in between
How could I forget to
Cut on the durn* machine?

"I need my field trip shirt today."
(approaching mental block).
"Where’s my favorite tee shirt?"

A never-ending battle
One day I swear I’ll win
The cost:  my babies up and out–
Then, I’ll remember "when…."

Oh, yeah…the title…"Laundry"……………

Be sure to visit Nikki for the rest of the Fun Monday players…I promise you’ll have FUN! 🙂

* Okay…so I edited myself.  I’m a lot crankier before I’ve imbibed a bit of java, and after I thought about it, I can’t bear to have Stephen ask me again–wide-eyed and pitiful–"You cussed on your blog?" or Rachel give me "the look"… Thomas would just be happy to see me throw in "legitimate" profanity.  Y’all know what I’m thinking when I’m on my 12th load for the day, so just read it the way I’d really wanna say it.  Oh, yeah, if Susan is printing this out for her laundry room wall, I can’t very well teach the Inquisitor or Golden Boy any new words…although Funny Girl would LOVE to see it and say it if she was old enough to read ;).

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