A wonderfully delicious Chinese dinner is NEVAH complete without "The R e a d i n g--out loud–of the Fortune Cookies"; these near-tasteless cookie contortions are the perfect punctuation to all things fried rice, lo mein and kung pao.

So what if it’s juvenille?  Sometimes it’s just the shot of sunshine you need.

Last night I went out to dinner with a group of friends, and three appetizers, six entrees, noodles and fried rice later, we had "The Reading" (three guesses where).  Because Chinese food was oozing out our ears, we opted for a liquid dessert at Starbucks, sitting outside by their fireplace since it was a rather coolish but delightful night.  Mine?  Some of you could guess:  a 6Caramel_mach,000 490-calorie Caramel Macciato Breve with an extra shot of caramel (but NOT an extra shot of espresso 😉  if you click that link, you’ll note they don’t even give the caloric value for breves–half and half vs whole milk–anymore ).  I chose the diet route–I only got a tall/small instead of the venti/large. 

Several of the girlie-Qs in our group had never read fortunes quite the way I’m accustomed:  adding the words "in bed" or "nekkid" to complete the fortune.  For whatever reason, this adolescent tradition continues to amuse me and always adds a touch of class to the merriment of the night.  I especially liked MY fortune…it’s last in the list below.  Smile with me, won’t cha? 🙂

Your dearest wish will come true…..(goin’ for a hat trick?)

Your present plans are going to succeed….(does this mean you’ve had prior failures?)

To be mature is to accept imperfections….(nekkid works best with this one!)

Patience is a key to joy….(hmmmm, having a little trouble there?)

You(r) cheerful outlook is one of  your assets…. (this is one time I don’t think it’s the best time to lol….!)

You are never selfish with your advice or your help.…(PERFECT for the one who got this one…she’s VERY adept at (ahem) "directing traffic")

And mine…….

Your life is a dashing and bold adventure…..(enough said 😉 )

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