We went to a memorial service for Timothy and several things occurred to me at the time:

Wolff_bear1)  Although I had attended a grave-side service for a baby born pre-term to a friend of mine before, I had never gone to a service like this for a toddler (15 months).  In this age of technology, services are just…different…than they used to be.  Prior to, and appropriately during, there was a larger-than-life slideshow made of pictures of him, from birth to fairly recently.  There was a huge lump in my throat throughout the entire service, particularly when seeing photographs of him with his father….

2)  Their family clung to each other during the entire service…like they were holding on for dear life.  I suppose they are.

3)  There was a police presence there which seemed odd to me (I wondered if they had received any "threats" following the accident).  At the end of the service, though, the pastor acknowledged the "Christian officers" who attended; I guess it was a show of support for the family.  I’m sure they GRIEVE finding the scene they discovered…and this is one time they believe it was a horrible…tragic…mistake.

4)  But most of all, it struck me, that Timothy, in just 15 months’ time and before he could even speak, will affect and touch more people–some, for eternity–than many of us will affect in a lifetime.  A beautiful and redemptive postscript on a life cut all-too-short by tragedy.

That makes me want to live w e l l. 

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