Thomas has been fooling around with my cell phone again.  It’s always a surprise, I really never know what I’m gonna find when I open it.  Here’s today’s gem–the photo freaked me out but the caption cracked me up!

"Hello Clarice"


For the record, no, NONE of my kids have ever seen "Silence of the Lambs".  I have no idea how he even knows this quote (I’ll have to remember to ask him when he’s around).

Postscripts:  1)  I asked Thomas a little while ago where he got that line and he really didn’t know the origin.  He even knew exactly how to say it, just didn’t know it was attached to this movie.  I told him as much as I could remember–to try to scare the tar out of him–but I’m afraid I might have interested him instead :/.   2)  Guess what’s on television tonight?! (interrobang, thanks to the Mamas of Drama for that little dittie).  Queue the "Twilight Zone" music!…………….!

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