How do you choose a favorite monument or memorial in D.C.?  How does someone choose who has trouble deciding an ice cream flavor for heaven’s sake?!  (Funny thing is, I always sample "something else" but end up getting a chocolate derivative…)

Since a Fun Monday post will be coming tomorrow (theoretically) (be sure to visit Joy at A Spot of Tea for details), it looks like I won’t be posting my new D.C. Top Ten list until Tuesday at the earliest.  I can already feel the prickles from the pins and needles upon which you sit….

Until then, I’m uploading a few pics that probably won’t make it to the list this time.  Not because they aren’t my favorite, but because there are so many things that DO make the cut.

Because the FDR Memorial encompasses an unduplicated four-term presidency, it is a memorial offering substance over style.  Which says a lot, because its style is pretty impressive…. it has a gravity unto itself as it draws you through each of four "rooms", each representing one term of Roosevelt’s time in office.  Reading his thoughts chiseled in stone gives you a glimpse of how he could have been elected four times.   






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