Guess who I spent the evening with tonight? 

Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi…heavy hitters in for a late night Senate session discussing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act.  There were less than a dozen Senators present, but we were shocked and thrilled as we filed into the Senate Chamber and saw Mrs. Clinton on the floor…no matter what your political persuasion, it was an unexpected delight to see in person those we’ve watched for a lifetime on the news.  Oh, yeah, and John McCain was milling around the halls.

Access to the Senate and House Chambers was thanks to Representative Zack Wamp.

More soon, we’re having a GREAT trip…for now, I just wanted to drop a few names ;).

(Cameras aren’t allowed most areas of the Captol, but here’s one I took with my cell as we pulled away.)

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