1)  Thanks for those of you who commented to my Fun Monday post yesterday. 

    a)  Y’all were kind.  It has been VERY difficult for this blog mama to maintain any kind of blog presence for the last two months or so.  End of school insanity and then summer coming and going has made it almost impossible to blog hop.  Are y’all experiencing this at all?  Can you tell a difference?  I guess our first two weeks post school haven’t been typical–long Memorial weekend to the beach, then my trip to Washington.  I’m still hoping to read your FM posts by the end of the week…I’m not holding my breath, though.  Can you tell I’m missing the reading and comment part of blogging?  It’s not all about me writing.

    b)   Many of yesterday’s comments were questioning why in the world we’d want to renovate our kitchen…it IS nice and big and fine as is.  Our wish to renovate it comes from i) the fact that it’s the hub of our home, and like many of you, it’s where we l i v e.  ii) We entertain a fair amount and rarely make it out of the kitchen and dining room.  Sooo, we’re opening it up to make room for everybody.  iii)  Plus we like change, doggone it.  And for our house to feel like our home.  And for my refrigerator door to open all the way.  Because it looks like we’re gonna be in Tennessee a while. 

    c)  Godlovehim, Tad’s primary love language is "acts of service".  He’s also the neat freak in the family.  If it wasn’t for him, you’d have to wade through the kitchen to get anywhere else.  And from there, you’d have to machete through piles of papers and clothes and who-knows-what-else! oh, my!!  Soooo, when he walked in the door and saw N.O.T.H.I.N.G. on the counter last night, he thought I was lovin’ on him, bless his heart.  I hated bursting his bubble when he asked if I posted pictures of our kitchen for Fun Monday…and it s l o w l y dawned on him why it was so neat and tidy.  ** sigh **  God has a sense of humor when he puts two Type A people together who are opposite in this area….makes for some serious flicking the minnow.

I’ve gotta take a break within the post to tell you, if you were sitting in the room with me right now, you’d be hearing me laugh.out.loud.  What the heck is "flicking the minnow"???  I have NO idea, I picked it up here.  The next one was just a bit too suspect–"spanking the wife’s great lizard" and then "ironing the bandit".  Yep, I feel like the amazing toilet-flushing cat watching the water swirl down the toilet or something…scarily-easily amused.

2)  A few of you commented on the plaque above the coat rack–I picked that up at a Hallmark Store, but had a difficult time choosing.  I’m sure that comes as no surprise.  I took cell pics of the rest of them and when I tried to find a better picture online, they were no where to be found.  Can’t cha see why I’d have a hard time deciding which one?  In the end, the one I chose seems to fit me best…



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