1)  Winners from my kindasorta "Comment Contest".

2)  I was tagged not once, not twice, but THREE times before we headed out of town.  Bluddies who’ve read me for a while KNOW I’m slow to pick them up and run, and sometimes I accidentally let so much time pass, I conveniently forget to post them.  That being said, I AM going to post these over the next week or two:

KristBlogger_reflection_awardy awarded me the "Blogger Reflection Award", the guidelines being people "who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you…bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy…of knowing them and being blessed by them."  I was touched that Kristy included me in her choices…realizing my "faith posts" have been few and far between in my most recent year of blogging (particularly when compared to my first year), it was encouraging to hear that she sees that in me.  It takes me longer to articulate my faith…struggles…and joys, so those are the posts I often begin but never complete…there are several works in progress and I guess I should finish them….

Mike tagged me with "8 Things" and I g u e s s I can come up with eight things I haven’t already posted about myself.  Do you ever marvel at the things you tell the entire freaking blogosphere that your best friends IRL don’t necessarily know?  Just because they haven’t come up in general conversation.  "Hey, Steph, can you tell me how you "Tackle it Tuesday"…or "Erin, can you tell me six weird things I don’t already know about you?". 

– Last, but hardly least, is E-mom, home to Chrysalis e-zine.  E-mom and I go waaaay back, she was one of my first Bluddies, and she’s a Blistah, too (we shared the same original Blogger template).  She’s one who takes time to r.e.a.d. your posts and comment accordingly, she hears well.  Chrysalis is a GREAT faith resource, I love how e-mom manages to pull and summarize information from a variety of sources.  This time around, though, her tag had nothing to do with anything spiritual–she tagged me with the Restaurant Meme.  Since I lurve eating out, this should be fun.       

3)  My Kiawah top ten list…because I had fun Top Tenning D.C.  Lists are easy fun posts, I have tons of pictures that need an excuse to be uploaded, and have I mentioned I love the beach?

4)  Parts two and three of Trifecta.  They’re "mood" posts… contemplative…and I really have to be in the right frame of mind to write them…they’re begun, just not finished.

5  And last but not least since I am well versed in pimping my blog, if you missed this post, then I should tell you, today is the last day you can VOTE FOR ME and make me a very happy talker blogger.  I’m very competitive and I like to win, no matter what I’m vying for (Lawd help me if I show up for a Krystal Burger Eating Contest). If I win, it might even strike me speechless, and wouldn’t that be a delicious irony?   

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