Okay, this is random and probably FULL of typos because I’m on the run, but…

1)  To my friends in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and all other areas hit hard by torrential downpours…I’M SORRY for whining about it raining in my previous post.  It could be worse…a LOT worse!  I watched the morning news for the first time since we left home, and I didn’t know how bad it was elsewhere.   Forgive me…please?

2)  The weather forecast changed since yesterday…I guess that should be expected.  New tan lines are forthcoming and I couldn’t be happier about strangely discolored skin in my future.  I need the extra vitamin D. 

3)  I took Pamela’s advice from my post a few days ago, and the Kanga bag I won from Willowtree is making the rounds while we’re on vacation.  It’s kind of funny….reminds me of all the Flat Stanley projects we’ve done through the years :).

4)  THANK Y’ALL for keeping my blog company when I can’t really blog hop this week.  It has been FUN reading your comments on the "Contest" post…there are definitely some GREAT ones (see Steve and Min)…but that doesn’t mean you can’t still win a lame sad excuse for a prize.   I don’t really have time to comment back now, but, gosh, y’all can woo me with your words (by "woo" I mean LAUGH OUT LOUD).  Karmyn’s a front-runner with bribery, too…I can be bought ;).

5)  I’m re-reading "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" in anticipation of HP and the Deathly Hallows  (I CAN’T WAIT!!).  I was reminded of an interesting PENSIEVE tidbit–the last time I read this book was July 2005, just two months before I began (anonymously) blogging.  Pensieves are featured prominently in book six…no wonder it was on my mind when I started–and named–my blog.  I had forgotten the timing.

Timing is everything, huh? 🙂

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