As promised in my previous post, here’s the first completion of several tags I was blind-sided with.  Mike wanted to know "8 Things", so eight things, it is.  I don’t think I’ve posted any of this before, but I’m much too lazy to go back into the archives and confirm that. 

1)  Whenever I go pretty much anywhere, if I’m the person driving, I slip my car keys onto my right pinkie finger and carry them instead of putting them in my purse or pocket.  This is NOT a good habit and I have no idea when it began.

2)  Although I’m right handed, I cannot snap with my right fingers.  They look like they’re snapping but don’t make any noise.  My left fingers snap just fine.

3)  I’m pretty sure I have the ugliest tongue in the world….past, present or future.  My children agree with this and for fun, they get me to show it to their friends :/.  There’s no doubt people would pay money at a Circus Freak Show to see it.  Saving grace?  at least I’m not the bearded lady.
4)  I order food in a restaurant like Meg Ryan’s character in
"When Harry Met Sally"…not that there’s anything wrong with that…!

5)  When I’m tanning, I do whatever I have to to avoid tan lines on my back and shoulders.  This befuddles my husband since I haven’t worn a strapless dress in YEARS….but I HAVE worn halters, so that’s close enough. 

6)  I torture photograph my children three times a year and it’s ALWAYS a production.  Christmas, Easter and while we’re at the beach.  We have a formula:  I beg threaten coerce manipulate bribe beat them into submission sweetly ask them to cooperate and they lovingly agree immediately comply give me "the look".  We take a thousand pictures and always manage to get one or two really good ones.  More of those, though, in my Kiawah "Top Ten", coming up eventually soon.

7)  I fantasize aSommelier_collectionriedelbout would love to be a Sommelier…not just a sommelier, but a Master Sommelier.  Not because I’m a lush…or because I’m haughty or arrogant or a know-it-all…or because I wanna give a finger to the SBC.  I just think it’d be cool to be a wine expert…to understand the subtleties and complexities and richness and qualities of every bottle known to man…and to know how to pair a bottle with a meal that would compliment and enrich the enjoyment of both…and to help people choose a wine they would rave about and remember FOREVAH. 

8)  I always sleep on the left side of the bed, even when we’re traveling.  Otherwise I’m totally disoriented.

Want a relatively easy post to write?  Consider yourself tagged…so many of you have done this already BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER WHO so I wouldn’t know who to tag.  If you decide to do it, lemme know–I’d love to read your eight things :).


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