Deb had a very simple request for this week’s Fun Monday theme:  "Show your favorite place to relax. It can be a chair, corner, ledge, or limb. :)". 

Well, seeing as I just returned from a WEEK of relaxation at my favorite place in the universe, I have a few pictures ready to share; had I known the theme BEFORE I left, I would’ve taken them a bit differently, but these will do just fine.

Because it’s well established that I love the beach, I probably don’t need to say it again.  But I don’t mind sayin’ it again, because, well, it’s also established I’m rather (ahem) talkative, and although that doesn’t necessarily mean redundant, well, sayin’ that I love the beach is one of the "excused absences" for redundancy :).

Time to let the pictures speak…gosh, I hear them loudly :).

My FAVORITE spot for chillin’…


…in part because of the next two views, depending on which way I’m facing.  It’s a wonder I got through 2 1/2 books with these naturally spectacular distractions:



Of course, there are other wonderful spots to relax…this is where I’d read in the mornings while Tad was getting a cup of coffee and reading the paper
here.  It’s also where I was when my new BFF, Becky invited me to go alligator tipping with her.  In our pajamas.  With unbrushed teeth.

Now that we’re home, I figured I’d snap a few of my favorite spots for chillin’ here…
This is in our playroom and it’s a great spot for watching movies…


And this last shot is in our room…this loveseat has been a GREAT addition.  It’s one of Tad’s favorite spots to watch TV…and one of my favorite blogging spots (especially when I need to hide from the workers who’ve recently taken over my house the last few months…except some of those times were them renovating our bathroom, so I didn’t hide out here, then.  Huh?)


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