This week’s Fun Monday is brought to you by Jenny (Prairie Air).  Here is her directive:

The topic for this Fun Monday is summer memories. Besides a few of your
favorite summer memories, I’d like to hear what summer means to you. Is
summer all about fireworks, watermelon seed wars, catching fireflies,
days at the lake, family vacations, or the perfect swimsuit? What
sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings do you associate with summer?

Feet_at_the_beachWhen I read Jenny’s topic, I was delighted.  Have you noticed?  I LOVE summer!  For goodness sake, my profile picture features a picture of my FEET AT THE BEACH (and, yes, it IS Kiawah) IN THE SUMMER!  If ever there was a week for a sensual post, THIS is it…she asked us what sights, sounds, tastes, feelings we associate with summer.  Mmmmm, I could wax poetic all day…all NIGHT about summer memories and what they mean to me.

However, not only am I DISCOMBOBULATED, I am sad…distraught (ha!  I just looked up "distraught" to find alternative words for it, and the definition was "1) agitated with doubt or mental conflict or pain; 2) mentally deranged, CRAZED…and I’d say, "Yep, that’s about it!).  I woke up to overcast skies…and now it’s raining.  Wanna hear the forecast for the rest of our week at Kiawah?

Today:  It’s raining (60% chance of rain…looks like 100% to me :/)
Tuesday:  Showers (60%)
Wednesday:  Scattered thunderstorms (30%)
Thursday: Partly cloudy (wahoo!  that means "partly sunny", too!!)
Friday:  Isolated thunderstorms
Saturday:  Chance of showers

Interesting how many ways they can come up with the same [insert your favorite expletive] thing….

Silver lining?  The drought is over.  I just wish it wasn’t raining on MY parade….!

p.s.  Please visit Jenny to read other less Eeyore-whining summer posts :).
p.p.s.  So sorry not to be able to blog hop and comment your Fun Monday posts (and in general)…just enough time to sneak up here, see what you’re saying, write a little, and comment back… I’ll make up for it when I get home :).
p.p.p.s.  Yeah, yeah, I know, when "Life gives you lemons…"…we’ve already ridden bikes in the rain once…and it was delicious…but too much of a good thing, is too.much.!
p.p.p.p.s.  Sometime this week, throw me a bone…be sure to visit
my contest post… it’s starting to get interesting…lurkers (okay, one lurker so far) are starting to come out of the woodwork.  That’s WAAAYYY better than roaches! 😀

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