Scenes from some Potter parties in the Tennessee Valley last night…

We had to park at the opposite end of the Barnes & Noble parking lot.  I haven’t seen this strip center this crowded since last CHRISTMAS!


This is a perfect display that has been taunting Harry fans for weeks now at B&N.  Thing is, rabid readers haven’t read 3,440 pages…that’s just silly!  I wouldn’t call myself a rabid fan and I’ve read 6,880 pages (at least each book twice).  Rachel?  Now SHE’S a rabid fan….it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s read over 15,000 Potter pages…


We didn’t stay at B&L long, it was uncomfortably hot and crowded…and the strangest costumed people I’ve ever seen NOT at Halloween–not even (all) Harry Potter-ish.  I mean, I saw a GROWN MAN (gray goatee) wearing a FULL Batman jumpsuit!  If that wasn’t odd enough, he had a DIAPER on on the outside of it!  No…I didn’t ask if I could photograph him…I was too creeped out.

Before moving on to our REAL Potter party where we pre-bought our copy Books a Million, we stopped at Starbucks for some caffeine to keep me up until the bewitching hour a tall caramel machiatto breve.  Mmmmmm. 

We saw some interesting people at BAM…the stars came out (the B ones, not the A list…no Harry, Ron or Hermione 🙁 ).

A young Draco Malfoy…


Professor Trelawney…


And lovable Hagrid


Here we are waiting in line…a picture we took to text to my niece who was at a party in Florida.


This was the scene 12 seconds after we had our book in hand (I’m using the term "we" here VERY loosely…I haven’t touched it yet).


It’s 8:00 in the morning…while I was typing this, Rachel came out of her room dazed and confused.  I asked her if she had slept.  Somewhat off balance she said "No."  "Are you done?"  "No, but I think I’m gonna sleep a few hours…you can start reading if you want."

So…with that I’ll bring this post to an end :). 

But not before sharing what my daughter said, the purist who thought Rowling should stop writing (publicly) as monument to this series (because all future writing of hers would be compared against it), who thinks Harper Lee is wonderful because she had one shabang with "To Kill a Mockingbird".

With a glazed look of adoration,

"I’ve changed my mind…J.K. Rowling NEEDS to keep writing.  She’s genius!"

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