We have a small bathroom downstairs that has always been rather nondescript and utilitarian–sink, toilet, shower, not enough room for two people (unless you’re up to some close-quarters monkey business, but I wouldn’t recommend it…!).  The vertically-striped, beige and vanilla wallpaper has practically been SCREAMING for us to rip it off the wall as a service to the living; simple and plain has its place, drab and dull never does. 

Today, its nondescript, utilitarian status changed.  For the better.  I now love it, and if I didn’t already have a shower I have a crush on, I’d move downstairs to the guest bedroom that adjoins it (only if Tad joined me, ’cause we are hardly "Lucy and Ricky"–no twin beds with one foot on the floor for us…).

I gotta tell you, this was easy…there was no discombobulation involved…I’ve become accustomed to something going wrong…and this was just too easy. 

I wish we had before pictures, but you’d fall asleep looking at them anyway.  Instead, look at my little happy dancers.  I think the pattern is called "Jazz" and maybe one of my favorite reasons for liking it so mGuest_bathroom_jazz_wallpaper_with_
uch is I’ve never seen it before.  And I like to dance.  And I like jazz.  And lots of color.   Okay, so that was more than one reason I’ve never been known for my math skills.  I took the shots before we re-hung the mirror, but this angle shows the most complete repeat we’ve got (remember, the
Close_up_jazz_wallpaperthroom is tiny).   The lamp isn’t usually in there, either, but it helped give more light during hanging; after seeing how cozy it makes the room, I’m gonna look for a small one to put in there.


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