…just LOOK at this blogging spot!  It’s magically delicious, much more so than Lucky Charms!


There ARE alligators in the pond on the left, but they’re hiding this morning.

Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July.  After our day on a s.u.n.n.y. beach (see Robin flippin’ a dozen back handsprings…okay, not literally–it was more like three;)–but VERY figuratively) in which I have new tan lines and painful-but-I-don’t-care sunburn in places, our day ended with fireworks on that same beach.  I tried to take a few pictures in "Fireworks" mode on my camera, this is the best of ’em…


We had a little fun snapping some maniacal nighttime pictures though–don’t the Dscn1869boys look demented?


Since it’s MY blog, somehow I’m able to keep my veryscary pictures out of all this :).

The BEST part about watching fireworks from the beach is instead of a cacophony of eardrum-ripping percussion, you hear the beautiful rhythm of waves signaling their approval, nature’s applause. 

And the show didn’t end when the fireworks were over…as we packed up our beach chairs and headed back to our condo, the clear night sky still performed–a million stars, silently suspended, begging us to stay a little longer…and so we did :).

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