Chris B, home to Ms Cellania, played hostess for this week’s Fun Monday playday, and this was her simple wish:

" ‘show your aprons’ it can be your favourite or an unusual one or more than one. Be creative as you like; and
secondly if, like me, you have lots of ‘tea towels’ that are brand new
(or could be an old favourite) I would like to see those as well and
hear the story behind the picture- was it a gift from a holiday, a
present from auntie that you only use when she visits etc……….."


Having been out of town for the eleventy-seventh time this summer, I’m late.  But one of my many mottos is "Better late than never" (as opposed to "better never late"), and I do likey Fun Monday’s, so here’s my go:

First, the only reason I even own an apron is because of this saint–


Sarah, my mother-in-law, is an AMAZING cook and has taught me much–not just about what goes on in the kitchen, but also cookin’ in life :).  She ALWAYS cooks wearing an apron, and this one is hand-painted, a gift from someone who knows her well.


My talented sister-in-law personalized this one for her, it has names of all nine of her grandchildren (and a great niece).  This one is her favorite.  How cute is that, that Sarah started mugging–figuratively AND literally–for the camera when I told her I needed to blog her?!

Here’s a picture of the tea towel of hers I mentioned a few weeks ago:


Here’s a few of the ones I own…actually, these are ALL the aprons I own:


Geez, look at that expression.  Out of pure vanity, I’d love to re-take that shot, but, heck, I think with all I’ve shown and shared over the past year or two, I got over it.  Red has been my favorite color ever since I remember having a favorite color, and when I saw this apron on sale at
Williams-Sonoma after Valentine’s Day one year, I had to have it.  Red.  Half-price.  Williams-Sonoma.  Valentine’s.  Yep, HAD to have it!  And it even had a matching tea towel which has been used quite a bit more than the apron.

Next, here’s me and my daughter "modeling" (???) two aprons Sarah gave us–she wanted to make sure when we baked cookies we had all the necessary equipment.  I think Rach and I used them twice…instead, our clothes always managed to be covered in flour :/ (shhhh!  Don’t tell!)


Doesn’t Rach look like she’s having fun??  I can see it in her loving and adoring eyes…:).


Chris also asked to see our tea towels, and here’s a favorite Sarah gave me this year for my birthday.  I actually kinda-sorta use it, mainly just to hang on the stove to look pretty (I consider that "using it")


Last but not least, here are some FUN tea towels I saw a while back and bought to give as gifts…you know,
sursees!  I just don’t know who the lucky recipient will be yet, but they were too cute NOT to buy :).


*  If you can’t read it, the verbiage left to right is "Don’t give in to frumpy undies", "Does my insurance cover retail therapy?", and "Indulge your inner princess". 

Hope you had a Fun Monday!  I did, even though I’m posting on a Tuesday, which for some of y’all is already Wednesday, which will be for me when I actually visit your FM posts, which for some of y’all will be Thursday.


peace out…….

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