The pessimists at Uncaringbear are hosting this week’s Fun Monday.  I don’t care what their tagline says, they don’t sound like they really see a half-empty glass….  I signed up BEFORE I knew what their theme was, and after I found out, I "threw up a little in my mouth" (inside joke to Nikki and Min, but they’ve probably already forgotten).  See for yourself:

Share with us a little white lie that
you may, or may not, have gotten away with. Perhaps it’s something more
sinister than a little white lie – maybe even a deep dark secret that
you’ve kept buried for years! All the better! Now’s your chance to get
it off your chest and confess: "Yes, I did eat that last slice of
cheese cake", "No, I wasn’t washing my hair that Saturday", "Those
pants do make you look fat"!

Great…just G.R.E.A.T.!

Well, I guess I gotta come clean.  Seems the "honesty police" in me is compelled to fess up to my little blogging community…my true, blue bluddies (blog+buddies).

You know that little "Top Ten" I wrote recently to celebrate the (ahem) smallish woman (emphasis on "little" AND "smallish" here, as if the italics didn’t already do that)?  Heck, it was even a public service announcement to remind women to JUST.DO.IT.

Weee-lll…you also know all those pictures I’ve posted of "myself" (like here or more recently, here) which kinda demonstrate the truth of that? 

I was lying.  I’ve paid some lady on the street for months to come in and be my "double"…I’ve even borrowed her family at times.  If you wanna see what I REALLY look like–and I’m warning you in advance…it might scorch your retinas–click here

You’ve been warned.

(Don’t forget to visit all the other liars like me at Uncaringbear!)

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