Beckie over at Give it a Try is this week’s Fun Monday hostess with the mostest.  Here’s her directive:

"I want to know what your favorite treat is.  Is it sweet or
sour?  Is it plain or salty?  Is it candy or chocolate?  Is it homemade
or store bought?  For instance, if your favorite is chocolate, tell us
what kind specifically – sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes not
so much.  I have heard a lot of talk about Junior Mints, but is it your
favorite or just a tasty treat?  It can be anything, popcorn, peanuts,
ice cream or chips, maybe you have more than one favorite – that is ok,
just show us your favorite(s) and tell us why you like it so
much.  C’mon, what gets you all juiced up?"

I wrote this post from memory, on my laptop when I didn’t have access to wireless, and unfortunately, my memory was a bit sketchy…I thought Beckie had asked us to write about SWEET things in particular.  And, just the thought of all my favorite sweets
(does having more than one "favorite" negate my ability to use the word "favorite", because I love each and every one equally…totally depending on my mood and for what my uber-ugly tongue has a taste) rendered me hyperglycemically happy–a calorie-free, mental sugar high.  This sweet euphoria released a bit of manic poetry, so without further ado, I offer today’s Fun Monday:

An Ode to All Things Sweet

“Life is short,” it is said, “Eat dessert first!”

A philosophy perfect to me.

The only dilemma that scrambles my brain

Is when choices are more than just three.


You see, I was made with more than my share—

One sweet tooth just wasn’t enough.

Instead I am blessed with a dozen or more

To make a decision is tough.


There’s no such thing as a “favorite dessert”

Why limit myself to just one?

When dozens of treats are calling my name

Pick one? No, I’d
miss too much fun.


Just thinking about my fav-o-rite sweets

Puts an instanTiramisu_picturet smile on my face.

Dinner is simply a means to an end—

“Hurry, finish your long-winded grace!”


Italian Cream Cake, scrumptious tiramisu,

Have GOT to top any list.

Close in pursuit: luscious
crème brulee

Chocolate cake? No
way to resist!


And ice cream, dear ice cream, sweet treat of youth

In a bowl, topping cone, on a stick.

Delighted to try different flavors,

But chocolate I ALWAYS will pick.


And candy, oh my, I’m starting to shake

All this sweet talk is making me dizzy!

How ’bout Mmscashews and popcorn and barbecue chips,

With Vanilla Coke, delightfully fizzy.


Hershey Kisses and Turtles and ol’ Baby Ruth,

Yikes!  You’re learning so much about me.

I love M&Ms, peanut, of course–

Time to go, ’cause now I’m hungry!

Be sure to visit Beckie for the rest of the Fun Monday players!



Cool cake at the top

Tiramisu: Marmalade Mel at Flickr


Edy’s Chocolate Ice Cream

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