This is what my kitchen looked like this morning:


This is what it looks like now:


When I visited the cabinet showroom, our plan was to replace the existing cabinetry with a traditional pantry.  But when I accidentally discovered a "chef’s pantry", I HAD to have one!  And by "HAD to", I mean HAD.TO.!!!

Poor cabinet designer girl, I kinda felt sorry for her having a customer like me.  When I saw it, it was one of those times I spoke before I thought (NEVER a good thing when I’m transfixed by kitchen wares)…the words were spilling over my lips like a soda that had been shaken, then dropped, then run through the spin cycle of a dryer–

Me, over the top with enthusiasm:  "I LOVE THAT!  I want, no I NEED one of those!  It’s as good as SEX…no, BETTER, because it never stops!  It’s like a gift that keeps and giving…!"

Cara the cabinet designer:   Hesitates then blinks.  Blinks again.  "Y e a h."

Of course, then and only then did I hear myself, and with no way to retract what was already bloviated, I simply said, "Sorry…I like kitchen stuff…and I forget everybody doesn’t know me well enough to know how to take me…"  If I were canine, my head would’ve been dropped and my tail would’ve been threaded through my legs.

Look at the inside?  Can you blame me??


The interior shelves are hinged with a whole ‘nother set of shelves behind them…


Guess that means I’ve got a job to do :).

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