Not in chronological order, but…Robins_pensieve

[1]  I LOVE my new blog design!!!  LOVE IT!  Red has been my favorite color since the womb, so I’m thrilled to be using it here.  Jules re-worked the PENSIEVE she had previously designed for me and I have a blush (blog + crush) on the end result.  Me L-I-K-E-Y!

Maybe the new look is why my blog was hijacked yesterday!!  I’m STILL giggling and shakin’ my head over the comments…who would’ve thunk a little, innocuous movie quote would get things cranked up? 

If you haven’t read it and the comments, please do.  And add your own insanity, why don’t cha?  I’m still looking for answers to my second round of Jeopardy; obviously, readers had their OWN agenda, and that agenda did NOT include playing by my rules…!  My Fun Monday post may have been spicy and fun, but that second post?  Lucid dreaming!

[2]  Ah HA!  I just found out what last night’s comment section was all about…here, for your convenience, a cut and paste from my email:

Dear Waffle,

It was Steve’s fault.  He got me drunk.  I didn’t leave a pair of panties over there did I?

This explains a lot…and I like it when my blog homies make up names for me.  Waffle…go figure….

[2 1/2]   Guess who sent one of her brooms to deliver this to me today…WHILE SHE WAS IN THE MIDST OF WEDDING FESTIVITIES, NO LESS?!  Supersize the picture, you’ll be jealous… a) because it’s the sweetest, insane-ist note EVAH, and b) because (sing with me) "I GOT ALMOND TOFFEE, I GOT ALMOND TOFFEE!"  c)  the bumper sticker is gravy…or icing…depending on your preference  (thanks, Broomhilda!).

[3]  I received the nicest surprise from one of the nicest bloggers out there last week…one of these :):


Thank you, Deb!
I’m supposed to pass along this little sursee to seven other nice bloggers with this in mind:  "This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog
friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for
those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve
been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving
of this award."

Well, the following peeps have been nice in their own way to me, so I’m just passing along the goodwill:  Molly, Kristy, Susan (she needs a welcome-back-to-the-blogosphere or rather back from the dead and ready to party sursee), Kelly (she sent over 400 people to my blog one day!), Kim (who seems to hit my blog when I really need it…), Michelle (she wrote a post just for me….well, kinda sorta), and Malissa (one of my first commentors…and I’ve always said one of the sweetest…even if it’s sporadic these days…she knows I know why 🙂 ).

Pass it on, girlie-Qs :).

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